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Clapping for the Wrong Reasons (2013)

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Marchesa Spring/Summer 2015(Details)


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creation of adam x sydney sky at 6:08pm

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Last time I invite @fecastleberry over for happy hour. (at The Plaza Hotel)

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Anonymous: What do I do if my roommate and me don't get along? Do you and youre roommate now get along?

Give it some time! I know it’s super hard and you don’t want to hurt any feelings, but if something is bugging you (like hogging all the space or taking all your stuff w/out asking), just tell your roommate the truth.  Also give it a couple of weeks and if you think you ABSOLUTELY cannot live with your roommate, ask for a switch.  Remember, you and your roommate do NOT have to be friends.  Just compatible. 


Anonymous: How is your first week of school?

Super super tiring but totally worth it! I really like all my professors. They are soo so cool and interesting and super badass.